Boston Research & Communications Inc. is a qualitative research and analysis firm specializing in business research and analysis, as well as public affairs research and outreach. Specializing in Competitive research, Market research, Industry research, Public relations research, Public policy research and Issues research

Information. Insight. Impact.

BR&C is a 24-year-old research & analysis group with a recognized record of success providing high-value market and industry surveys. We reach beyond repackaged electronic information to tap the experts who make the future happen. They include business executives, industry analysts, government specialists, association heads and key opinion leaders.

We shun grand models or sweeping intuitive leaps. Rather, we collect great information and insights, and assemble them like a mosaic to reveal a picture that's clear and useful. Our goal is to see deeper into business environments, challenge assumptions and learn what is most useful and effective.

BR&C research analysts have long exposure to multiple industries going back to the 1980s. Over this period they have explored literally hundreds of topics. This level of experience is virtually unparalleled in the research field and gives us an edge when examining complex, technical subjects.

Our research teams aim to:

  • Understand changing market dynamics
  • Identify emerging trends and anomalies
  • Learn about new technologies
  • Plumb the impact of new public policies
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