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Dave Tries

BR&C scouts business landscapes seeking to identify and understand hotspots of transformationn, disruption and discovery. Our focus is change that improves people’s lives.

We first harness online and other secondary research sources. BR&C has access to thousands of news sources globally, as well as social media content from blogs, Twitter and related communications platforms.

We also reach beyond electronic information to tap the experts who make the future happen. They include business executives, key opinion leaders, industry observers, academics and government regulators.

Our longevity is virtually unparalleled in the industry. BR&C project leads have strong business backgrounds and extensive experience identifying shifts in business dynamics and challenging assumptions.

We assemble disparate pieces of information into recognizable mosaics that provide new insights and help inform business trends, changes and challenges.

Now is the time for all good men to come to the aid of their country.

BR&C brings together research & analysis, opportunity and management expertise to shape thinking about business and innovation.